The information and guidelines below are to assist Clubs with governance and administrative procedures


Roles and Responsibilities

Presidents – Taking the Lead
Treasurer – Show Me the Money Guide

Secretary Guide

Effective Club Meetings

Committee Meeting Minutes Sample

Role of a Delegate

Delegate Report Sample Clubs

Club AGM Checklist

Working With Children Check Website

Club Register for Volunteers WWC Check


Monthly Expenses-Income Sample

Monthly Expenses-Expenses Sample

Cheque Requisition Form Sample

Canteen Takings Form Sample

BMX Master Statement of Accounts Sample


Template club constitution (final) 30.08.16

BMXWA Club Constitution Requirements – Guide

Department of Commerce

Grants & Funding



Local Sporting Champions Grant

Lotterywest Community Spaces

Lotterywest Grant Types

Fundraising and Sponsorship

Sponsors – Seeking and Servicing – DSR

Marketing and Promoting – DSR

A Healthy Club

Healthy Club Policy Sample

Halthy Club Checklist – Sports Medicine


Code of Conduct 10.08.11

Member Protection Information

Member Protection Policy

Play by the Rules Website

An Inclusive Club – How to be One

Asset Register Sample Clubs

Accident and Incident Forms

Grievance Procedure Information

Accident Report Form