Rules and Regulations


Last updated 15th May 2020, 5:00 pm


The West Australian State Government has introduced a 4-phase road map for the gradual easing of restrictions put in place to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst certain guidelines may be in place from the Federal Government it should be noted that each State and Territory is at different stages and have taken different approaches to the recovery stages. It is the State roadmap and legislation that is enforceable in Western Australia. 


This page should be treated as a guide to getting back to training. This document is intended to interpret the State guidelines and provide recommendations for the specific application.


Every Club will have unique circumstances to consider and we strongly recommend all to take a cautious and conservative approach to resuming activities.


Covid Safety Plans: Covid Safety Plans should be implemented for events. Whilst the template is designed primarily for static venues, the process of completing the plan will ensure you consider all required aspects of running the event. 

Further updates to this page will be made in line with State Government announcements. 




Regardless of the discipline of cycling or the environment the following guidelines should be implemented for any training or event environments.

1. Every club or riding group should appoint a Covid-19 Safety Officer to be responsible for assessing these guidelines, developing practical implementation plans and monitoring.
2. Read and understand the Covid Safety Guidelines – Sport and Recreation (link above)
3. All events should implement a Covid Safety Plan (link above)
4. Any existing approval requirements from local councils, Main Roads, WA Police etc are still required as per normal.
5. Must keep an attendance record for all events and training. Attendance records must include contact details for all participants (event entry lists are appropriate).
6. Encourage all participants to download and activate the CovidSafe App.
7. Strongly discourage cash payments for event entry and if accepted follow the appropriate guidelines outlined in the materials provided.
8. Ensure excellent personal hygiene measures at all times.
9. Hand sanitizer available at all areas of gatherings such as registration desks
10. Do not share drink bottles, towels or any other personal equipment
11. No Spitting. Clearing of nasal/respiratory secretions must be done into a tissue and disposed of in rubbish bin
12. Handshaking and hugging not permitted
13. Do not attend if unwell
14. Physical distancing to be a minimum of 1.5m and allowing 4sqm per person
15. Officials and administration staff recommended to wear gloves and mask and/or protective screen barrier
16. Encourage a mantra of “Get In, Race/Train, Get Out”



Phase 2 FROM – Monday, 18th May 2020

Federal and State Conditions relevant to WA Cycling

Regional Travel Regions in place and reduced from 13 zones to 4

Gatherings of up to 20 people outside of home

Social distancing, good hygiene and the 4sqm rule apply to all activities.

Western Australians are encouraged to return to work, unless they are unwell or vulnerable.

Non-contact community sports up to 20 people

Outdoor or indoor fitness classes with minimal shared equipment, up to 20 people

BMX Training


No contact allowed

Coaching ratio guidelines as per current BMXA policy

Maximum of 20 people per session on the track at any one time (including coaches and officials)

Spectators (parents) not to congregate in groups of more than 20 and they must be in a separate zone to the riders, coaches and officials.

If using the gate – maximum of 4 people at a time on the gate

Must follow all specific local Government advice in regard to venue usage

Gate Practice:

No contact allowed

Maximum of 20 people per session at any one time (including coaches and officials)

Maximum of 4 people at a time on the gate

If conducting multiple gate practice sessions, please allow adequate time in between sessions to clear the venue.

Must follow all specific local Government advice in regard to venue usage

BMX Events (event)

No events to be conducted in this Phase

BMXWA COVID-19 Phase 2 Guidelines