Number Plate Requirements

Bike Number Plates are required when racing at any BMX Event.

Plate Numbers are issued after joining as a FULL Member.


Plates may be available from some Clubs or your Bike Shop.


Riders must use the plate and number colour combinations specified for the category in which they are racing as follows:

AA Men, A Men, Superclass, Challenge male riders, Masters Class 30-34 (Masters 1) Yellow plate, black numbers
AA Women, A Women, Superclass, Challenge female riders Blue plate, white numbers
Challenge Novice Classes Green plate, white numbers
Cruiser Red plate, white numbers
Participation (Sprocket Rocket)  Orange plate, black numbers
Participation (BMX Mini Wheeler) Purple plate, white numbers

Note: Only AA riders with an Elite UCI permanent number can ride with white
plate, black numbers in an AA or Superclass event.
Masters Class 35 and Over Open Wheel (Masters 2) need to run either a
yellow plate, black numbers for 20” or red plate, white numbers for cruiser