How to get started
BMX racing is a great family sport, open to all ages, boys and girls. Racing around a track with jumps and corners in the shortest time possible. You can race up to 7 other riders in one race.There are currently over 10000 licensed BMX racers in Australia. Clubs have riders ranging in age from 2 years to over 40 years. You will need to become a licenced member of a BMX club before you can race.
2018 Membership Fees
MINI WHEELER (2-4years) $31.40 $10.50 $10.50 $2.49 $54.89
SPROCKET (5-7years) $90.05 $36.65 $28.30 $4.03 $159.03
CLUB MEMBERSHIP (Club racing only) $70.15 $36.65 $28.30 $3.73 $138.83
OPEN MEMBERSHIP (8years+ racing Australia wide) $96.30 $36.65 $28.30 $4.12 $165.37
4 MONTH MEMBERSHIP $41.90     $2.33 $44.23
Upgrade Club to Open $25.15 $2.08 $27.23
Upgrade Mini Wheeler to Sprocket $58.65 $26.15 $17.80 $3.24 $105.84
Upgrade 4 Month to Open $75.30 $36.65 $28.30 $3.81 $144.06
Upgrade 4 Month to Sprocket $69.10 $36.65 $28.30 $3.72 $137.77
CA/MTBA Upgrade $61.90     $2.63 $64.53
Official (Level 1 & 2) FREE        
Official (Level 3) FREE        
Coach Beginner BMX FREE        
Coach Level 1 & 2 FREE        
Volunteer FREE        

All memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable

NOTE: Proof of ID must be supplied with application. All licensed riders are covered under insurance  whilst competing.


Membership Categories

BMX Mini Wheelers

BMX Mini Wheelers is an introductory level where riders develop balance, gross motor skills and independence to begin riding a bike. Riders will be able to develop skills that allows their progression in the sport to become seamless as they progress on to the more traditional BMX bike at 5 years of age. This membership is valid for 12 months and can be upgraded via your club or BMXA once your rider is using a pedal bike.

Sprocket Rocket Membership 

Sprocket Rocket membership is for any rider under the age of 8. The Sprocket Rocket program is a participation based program, taking the focus from competition to skill based learning programs. This allows children under the age of 8 the opportunity to tune their BMX racing skills in a fun non-competitive environment. A member plate will be issued with this membership. This membership is valid for 12 months.

If the rider is 7 at the time of renewal you must renew as a Sprocket Rocket and the month before a Sprocket turns 8 the membership will be automatically upgraded to an Open membership, the expiry will remain the same. A new Open licence and an Open member plate will be posted out.

Club Membership 

This membership allows a rider to compete at their own club. You will NOT be able to compete at any other club or other clubs carnivals. You will also be unable to compete at open events held at your own club. Available for riders 8 years and over only. This membership is valid for 12 months and can be upgraded to an Open membership via your club.

Open Membership 

An open membership allows you to ride at any club in Australia, including club carnivals and events. This membership does not include freestyle. A member plate will be issued with this membership. This membership is valid for 12 months.

4 Month Membership 

A new 4 month membership has been introduced by BMX Australia. The aim of this introductory membership is to allow new riders unlimited access to try BMX for 4 months before joining the sport permanently. This membership is aimed at riders to try BMX at a beginner club level. The below guidelines provide further information on the membership:

– This membership is an open membership and therefore members can ride at club and state level, however will not be eligible to ride at State Titles and National events;

– Following the 4 month introductory period the member is then eligible to become a full member (only Open or Sprocket, NOT club) and they will receive a $20 discount off the cost of their full membership;

– Only new riders can apply for this membership (no renewals);

– Riders will be issued with a membership card however will not receive a member plate (these are issued upon full BMXA Membership);

– This membership is only allowed to be purchased once by the rider.

 Volunteer Membership – Free

All volunteers (including club/ state officials) can become members of BMX Australia and fall under our insurance, for free of charge. A membership card will be issued but this does not allow the volunteer to race. This membership is for over 16’s only.
Volunteer membership aimed at members who volunteer at the club and Officials (Level 1+2)  and Beginner coaches who do not wish to race but who still wish to be covered by BMX Australia. This covers coaches/state officials, within their coach/official accreditation remit, at any club in Australia and provides public liability, professional indemnity and personal accident cover.

Freestyle Competitive Membership 

Freestyle membership is aimed at Freestyle riders riding at skate parks and other council approved facilities. This covers riders during training and competition at council approved facilities.

Freestyle Recreational Membership – Free

This membership is aimed at freestyle riders that wish to stay up to date with freestyle news and events. This membership option does not include insurance coverage.

Other available options:

MTB/CA Upgrade 

MTBA/CA members submit a completed Add Value Membership Form direct to BMXA, or their BMX Club, together with a photocopy of their current MTBA/CA license (must have least 3 months validity remaining on their primary membership)

Membership upgrade 

Members can upgrade from a Club Membership to an Open Membership for the remainder of their membership.

Club Transfer 

Any member with current membership or expired within two years wishing to transfer between clubs is required to complete a Transfer Form. At any stage a rider can transfer to a different club within Australia for free.

Click to open Club Transfer Form

Race Plate Numbers

BMXWA issue race plate numbers to riders once they have a Full membership, and will be emailed to you once allocated.


What sort of bike can I use?

Mini Wheelers:
Mini Wheelers must not have pedals or cranks
The total diameter of the wheel, inflated tires included shall not exceed 13” (33.02cm)
Mini Wheelers total length including wheels must not exceeded 35” (88.9cm)


Any  16,20 or 24” bike can be quickly and inexpensively modified for BMX Racing. All changes are to make the bike safe for yourself and other BMX competitors.

The modifications needed include:

    • The handlebars must have grips that cover to the ends of the bars. Handlebar ends must be covered with bar ends, available from your local bike shop.
    • Removal of all protruding objects such as chain guards, stands, bells, reflectors and pegs.
    • Front brakes are not permitted, nor are back pedal brakes.  Only back level brakes are permitted.

Gearing and Frame Size Charts

What safety gear will I need?

  • Full face helmets that cover the ears and face.
  • Gloves, of any description that cover the entire hand.
  • Long sleeve top that is tucked into the pants.
  • Race pants may be worn or any long pants that are tear resistant.
  • Covered shoes and socks which cover the ankles.

Some Clubs may have Helmets you can borrow to try out BMX, just ask when joining.

Each of the above safety measures insures that BMX is a safer and fun sport.

History of BMX

BMX was derived from motocross racing. BMX bicycle races are sprint races on purpose-built single-lap race tracks. The track is usually between 300 – 400m and consists of a ramp-style starting gate for up to eight racers, and is made of various jumps and rollers and a finish line. BMX racing rewards strength, quickness, and bike handling.

BMX racing became a medal sport at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing under the UCI sanctioning body.

BMX Western Australia is the umbrella organisation for the sport of BMX racing in Western Australia, and currently has 20 affiliated clubs across the State.

Our aim is to grow, promote and provide a comprehensive support system for the sport of BMX, recognizing the benefits of participation for all Western Australians and to provide the best competitive environment where members can reach their potential by providing the best possible developmental pathways in Western Australia. Athletes then have the opportunity to compete at both national and international levels through our affiliation with BMX Australia.