The preferred method of computerised scoring is BEM (BMX Event Manager).

This is the program used by BMX Australia and BMX Western Australia.

All clubs should be aiming to have at least 1 person familiar with the operation of this program.

BEM scoring courses will be run through out the year.

Please contact BMX Sports Western Australia if you have any members who wish to complete the course.

There will be a fee payable by the Club or Member.


BEM Production 3.9.9  (added 13 January 2019)

Release and Installation Notes for BEM 3.9.9   (added 13 January 2019)

BEM_Package_Overview_3-9-9  (added 13 January 2019)


BEM_User_Guide_3-9-x  (added 13 January 2019)

RRD_User_Guide_3-9-x  (added 13 January 2019)

Series_User_Guide_3-9-x  (added 13 January 2019)


Toolbox Production 3.9.7  (added 24 September 2018)

Release and Installation Notes for BEM Toolbox 3.9.7 (added 24 September 2018)

Operator Guide for BEM Toolbox 3.9  (added 19 December 2017)




BemTrain Overview 3.1 (added 01 May 2018)

BemTrain Production 3.1.2 (added 15 October 2018)

BemTrain Release and Installation Notes – Version 3.1.2(added 15 October 2018)

BemTrain User Guide. 3.1 (added 15 October 2018)



BEM Transponder and Lynx Guides – Oct 2018 (added 15 October 2018)


Label Mail Merge Docs for BEM Export (still current as of 29 January 2013)


Please email if you need a copy of the program or for any enquiries.



BMX Event Manager is produced  by Lyndon Downing
For authorised access and registration key contact:  Lyndon Downing

These files once downloaded and extracted are a self install compiled version.